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Coin system that can be directly
applied to a Community

ESN Block Sale Closed

Thanks for your participation

From May 23th, ESN will be distributed to individual ESN wallet in order.
ESN news or information will be sent via ESN official blog and email.

Our Project



Payment for digital content

  • It would be good to have the partnership with major companies, such as Naver or Daum, but we decided to approach it realistically.
  • We looked for the online cartoon company because it has many advantages with use of ESN.
  • You can use the online cartoon service through ESN with value of $0.46. However, the value of ESN would be interconnected with the online cartoon service after listing on exchanges.

P2P financial settlement system

  • The partnership with Korea Funding the 7th biggest P2P loan company in Korea.
  • It was a strategic partnership that required mutual help. Both cryptocurrencies and P2P loans are highly aggressive investment. As Korea Investment itself has also established a community for attracting investment using coins and for unlisted stocks, we continue to conduct technical and marketing consultations.
  • Currently, we are working on two things through the partnership.
  • A mortgage on mining equipment for miners: This is sort of loan products that miners can make liquidity of finance.
  • We are planning to provide ESN to large investor of P2P loan as prize to increase accessibility of ESN in the real world.
  • We think that we can implement both of them in May.

Reward system for digital content

  • The Reward system considers a variety of activities and offers coins as rewards.
  • Rewards will be given depending on not only the contents but also comments, likes and more that.
  • contribute to the creation of high quality contents. (April 2018)
    A more global reward system for digital content will be established later. (The system will open in 4Q, 2018)

Project strategy

ESN is not a hero that will appear at some point in the future.
ESN is a fully developed and commercialized cryptocurrency that can be used for purchasing contents with escrow service.

< The project to directly utilize the coins >

Step 1

Let’s apply the exchange level coin control to each forum and blog.

Step 2

It directly supports inflation, price change, partnership and purchase with the distribution of coins.

Step 3

It also leads to the continuous growth of coins by having a strategic channel for advertisement and partnership marketing.

Don’t invest your money in coins with uncertain futures!
Invest in the values being used and made good use of now!

About ESN


You can find out ESN applications through 'DDENGLE', the largest cryptocurrency community in South Korea.

  • Get ESN by earning many recommendations for your posting
  • Play a Mini-game with Your ESN
  • Join Events with Your ESN
  • Send Your ESN to another community member
  • Donate your ESN

Coins for Communities and Game Accounts

ESN is created based on Ethereum.
We have optimized ESN as community coins leveraging smart applications of Ethereum.

ESN activates a social network of people, who are participating in a community based on easily available
cryptocurrencies and can produce coins at the same

ESN allocation

Private - 7% Bounty - 10% Community,
Airdrop - 10%
Marketing - 38% Development Team - 20% Reserve - 10% Legal - 5% Circulating Amount Holding Amount

Holding Amount 35% + Circulating Amount 65% = Initial Supply 100%

Join ESN

ESN is a cryptocurrency which is minable now.
You can join ESN mining easily by referring to ESN pool ‘dashboard’and ‘mining-guide’.

ESN Mining guide

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Download a mining program

Extract downloaded file

Edit batch file

Run the mining program

Start ESN mining

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ESN Wallet and Explorer

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Using personal ESN wallets
makes it possible to easily protect
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receive your ESN.

If you create an ESN wallet, you can immediately transfer your ESN coins you purchase at the Block Sale to your ESN wallet.

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ESN Explorer



Decentralized Forum Application Platform Based on Smart Contract

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

It has been almost a decade since blockchain ecosystem was born, and many new technologies keep emerging.
We are presenting our new technologies not to overwhelm and intimidate others,
but to look for Our Projects to jointly advance those technologies further and invite you to the forum to discuss the direction we will head for.
Originated from a forum, Ethersocial is a humble pot which holds all the technologies we have.

For FORUM and BLOG, it provides token management tools that are compliant with the standard ERC-20 tokens
based on smart contracts and APIs to deliver multiple services.
Users can easily develop their own tokens with optimized size and amount and make profit using coins for their forum and blog.
DDENGLE and APIs of new blog-based communities will be constantly available.

Road Map

  • December 26, 2017


    - Initial ESN Mining

  • January 15, 2018


    - Beta-testing with selected members of DDENGLE

  • Fourth Week of January, 2018


    - Distributing 500,000 ESN to DDengle per year. (Distribution period : 10 years)

    - Opening 'Genemining', a ESN mining pool

    - Annoucning a direction for coin distribution to members of DDENGLE (reffering to the existing membership status and participation)

    - Officially launching Ethersocial coin

  • February, 2018


    - Distributing additional coins to members of DDENGLE

    - Releasing an official ESN whitepaper

  • March, 2018


    - Announcing joint development of an ESN-based new forum

  • April, 2018


    - Officially announcing API for External Communities (DDENGLE applications etc) → It is rescheduled for June due to the listing schedule


    - At the April, developers and investors meet-up will be held

    - Mining Conference schedule has been changed to June

  • May, 2018


    - Launching the escrow service based on ESN.

  • 3Q 2018


    - Launching coins for overseas communities

    - Listing ESN on overseas exchanges

  • 4Q 2018


    - Launching an Integrated Operating Tool for Commnity and Coin


    - Launching 2~3 tokens for external communities at home and abroad

    - Blockchain based blog/forum content reward system

  • Q1 2019


    Establishing ESN Foundation

    Transfer genesis issuance to the Foundation


    30% additional giveaway event (3/1~4/30 local shoping sites event)

    Listing ESN on a local exchange (ongoing)


    Launching iOS wallet (Q2)

    Launching ProgPoW testnet (Q2)

    Update Block explorer


    Launching Designated Driver App (3/25 local service android app)

    Update Ethersocial Stats

    Offline meetup (Q2)

  • Q2 2019


    Listing ESN on a local exchange

    support check card payment with the i-crypto to expand real life use


    update ESNWallet (Mist)

    ESNWallet Mac OSX support added!

    update go-ethersocial(gesn/geth)

    Launching iOS wallet

    Launching ProgPoW testnet

    Review on ESN Monetary Policy (Max supply etc.)

    Review PenaltySystem to protect 51% attack


    3,000,000 block hardfork event

    open for development

    Offline meetup

  • Q3 2019


    Listing ESN on an international exchange


  • Q4 2019



  • Q1 2020




  • Anyone who is over 21 years old can.

  • Yes it is.
    Currently, ESN mining is limited to selected members of DDENGLE for the sake of stablization, but it will be open for all soon.

  • Yes there is. You can earn ESN as a reward by participating (posting or recommending others' posts).
    Get ESN right now by interacting with your DDENGLE members!(go to DDENGLE)

  • Currently, ESN Wallet supported by PC, Linux, Mac OSX, Please visit.(Download link) Download on your PC.
    or you can also use Android Mobile wallet (except iOS wallet)

  • No, it doesn't.
    Up to 600,000 blocks, 9 ESN was paid as a reward. After that, 5 ESN is rewarded. Rewards could be reduced later by community decision.

  • ESN is built upon highly secured blockchain technology similar to long-proven Ethereum.
    We ensure ESN's reliability as there hasn't been any cases of blockchain damages.
    However, security of individuals and exchanges are irrelavant to that of blockchain, we strongly advise you to remain extremely careful to your own accounts, mining pool accounts and choice of exchange.

  • Blockchain-based coins have their own purposes and usages.
    ESN is designed to develop, apply and distribute features that are useful for communities. Also, other communities can develop their 'tokens' based on ESN and use them as separate coins.

  • ESN is open-sourced, so you can ask for corrections by analyzing and reviewing it. You can also download all the sources and participate in the development.

    Check the progress out on our GitHub.